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Ryo/Uchi: Walk On, PG

Title: Walk On
Pairing: Ryo/Uchi, some general Kanjani8 love
Rating: PG
Warnings: None, really.
For: Chiaki (midnightvisions), because she didn't seem to be feeling well, and I really hope she feels better soon, and I love her lots. ♥
Word Count: 753
Disclaimer: No, I don't own them.
Author's Notes: Un-beta'ed. Originally meant to be one of my prompt-drabble things, but it turned out longer than expected. The prompt was 'gift'.

Walk On

The gift is a simple one, but Uchi is touched. They’ve come to his home, all seven of them, his friends, his family, his heart, his life. They’ve come to his home just to bring him this present, and they don’t even have a reason for it. It isn’t Uchi’s birthday. It isn’t a special holiday or festival or anniversary. It’s an ordinary day, and in fact, those seven people had just finished a concert in the afternoon. They should be tired, they should be resting, but they’re standing in his apartment right now, all wide smiles and crinkly eyes, each somehow on top of the other. After all, Uchi’s apartment isn’t too big.

Uchi has been caught offguard. He hasn’t been expecting visitors. He certainly hasn’t been expecting the seven of them. He’d just been planning to go out to buy some food, because the fridge is near empty and he’s tired of eating soggy pot noodles every day. He is worried that some of them will be hungry and will ask for something to eat, and he won’t know what to do then. But none of them does that, and that surprises Uchi.

They don’t ask for anything, but they’ve brought something. The gift. It’s a collage of photos and magazine shoots of the eight of them, stuck together randomly mixed with coloured paper (there are eight colours, Uchi notes, their eight colours, and he can’t describe the delight he feels when he sees the bright pink). In some of them, Uchi can hardly recognize his friends, with their old, strange haircuts and awkward, inexperienced poses. The seven of them must have been going through some magazines from a long, long time ago. And Uchi notices several pictures of Ryo in the corner, with curly blond hair, and Uchi laughs as he remembers those times. Two of those pictures has him and Ryo together. Just the two of them, and no one else. Uchi smiles fondly and looks up at Ryo, gratitude and happiness and love in his soft eyes.

But Ryo looks away. Uchi doesn’t show his hurt. Instead, he turns to the other six, and listens to them relate the stories from their concert today. He laughs with them and says, “thank you very much, this gift is awesome” and it’s true. He will pin it up on his bedroom wall and go to sleep every night looking at it and remembering.

Too soon, it gets late, and one by one they have to leave, and Uchi feels a pang of guilt when Shingo, the second-last person to go, steps out of the apartment, because he realizes none of them have had dinner yet. Ryo is still there, but getting ready to leave, and the two of them are alone now. Like the photoshoot in the corner of the collage. Just the two of them, and no one else. Uchi tries not to think about how Ryo looked away earlier on. He tries to be brave, tries to ignore the pain in his chest, his heart beating desperately beneath his skin, and he reaches out and grasps Ryo’s hand before he disappears. Ryo glances at him, startled, and this time he doesn’t look away. He stops and meets Uchi’s gaze boldly.

And Uchi wonders if it’s an appropriate time to say those three words, but he decides against it, because he’s not brave enough for that, really. Instead he lets himself fall against Ryo, his head on Ryo’s chest, and time pauses for a moment. Uchi stays completely still, and so does Ryo, and for a while there’s only the sound of them breathing, their rhythms matching each other’s. Then Uchi pushes himself away, but Ryo-- Ryo doesn’t let him go. Ryo presses his mouth to Uchi’s, gently kissing him, love so apparent that it doesn’t have to be asked, doesn’t have to be said, and Uchi thinks his heart is going to break any second now, and it’ll shatter so loudly that the sound will echo through the rooms of his apartment.

It doesn’t break just yet, but Ryo pulls away and murmurs a quiet goodbye, and his smile is slightly apologetic, but full of contentment too. Uchi returns that smile and watches Ryo vanish down the stairs outside his apartment.

It’s silent. Uchi’s heart still doesn’t break, though Uchi is sure it’s about to burst. He walks into his room, steps heavy and light at the same time, and he pins up the gift on his wall.

The End
Tags: #slash, fandom: johnny's entertainment, group: kanjani8, group: news, other: random word generator, pairing: ryo/uchi, rating: pg, wc: 500-1000

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